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FAO Schwarz franchising


Bring the heritage and magic of FAO Schwarz retail to your customers. Our brand is recognized for its experiential and engaging retail experiences. Our award-winning store designs showcase the many instore experiences for customers. We not only bring our great brands and experiences to the store but also an array of partner brand exclusives. Our concept is customizable to be the best fit for your market and customers.

FAO Schwarz is the world’s most famous specialty toy store with award winning store designs. Choose and build your own product assortment collection and watch your retail space transform with the best in store experiences!


We’re leading the future of e-commerce toy sales with our forward thinking approach. We offer one of a kind online interactions and experiences to make an FAO online shopping experience just as memorable as an in-store experience. See some examples of our online approach below.

Current retail stores

New York

Rockerfeller Plaza

1950 sq m


China World Mall

2600 sq m



2044 sq m



558 sq m


Piazza Cordusio

558 sq m

Sharper Image franchising


We imagine Tomorrow’sTomorrow and design products and retail concepts that capture that essence. We aim to offer our customers a taste of the future through our innovative product lines and retail stores covering everything from toys to wellness.


Our Sharper Image brand and cross-category product lines lead Ecommerce sales. We focused on great product and how best to sell them online to customers everywhere.

Create Tomorrow’s Tomorrow online with Sharper Image brand.

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