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In the early 1920s, Ralph K. Odor started work on a new airplane design. By the 1930s, his patented Power Vortex design influenced modern aviation. The Vornado Plane derived its name from “Vortex” and “Tornado”, based on its pioneering aerodynamics. Utilizing this technology, the first “Vornado” fans began rolling off assembly lines in 1945.

Vornado plane history

A Brand that Become a Phenomenon

A fan unlike any other, “Vornadofans” quickly gained popularity. With their unprecedented power, streamlined beauty, and unrivaled longevity, Vornado “whole room circulators” quickly became a fixture for household cooling during the post-war boom. More than 70 years later, the Vornado circulation and comfort experience remains true to its heritage of delivering beautiful and unrivaled home comfort experiences.

The Evolution of Comfort

Vornado was built from a truly original idea, executed with beauty and uncompromised in performance. Vornado continues to deliver products that inspire the modern consumer, extending Vornado’s reputation for market leadership and original thinking. This commitment is captured in three simple words: Experience. Perfect. Comfort.

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A Vision for What’s Next

We continue to create new ways to enchant the Vornado enthusiast with innovative and expanded product offerings. As we extend the role we play in people’s lives, we remain committed to Vornado’s deeply-rooted heritage.

Vornado products with Amazon Alexa

The Vornado Experience

Our ability to cultivate, inspire and empower extraordinary people drives the vitality of our enterprise. Extraordinary people imbue each Vornado product with rigorous design, quality, performance, and longevity — a constant commitment to deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction.

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Experience. Perfect. Comfort.

Each consumer’s latest product Experience is a test of the enterprise machinery we have built. Our daring vision to achieve Perfection drives us to find ways to improve ourselves, always. Ultimately, Comfort is more than just the feeling delivered by our products – true comfort is felt in the peace of mind that comes with an elite brand and product experience that originates from disciplines that are deeply engrained in the Vornado culture.

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