We think
about what
comes after
what’s next.

The Biggest Ideas

We recognize design as a core strategic differentiator. Our decisions center around user-first design principles. Every product we bring to market needs to be better than those that came before it, creating a better tomorrow.

Discussion with Post-its

World-Class Design

ThreeSixty’s fully-integrated design team incorporates Industrial Design, Product Engineering, Graphic Design, Photography and Packaging Design. This highly-awarded team attended the best design schools and worked at both leading boutiques and the world’s most recognized companies. These designers come from across the globe, a recognition that understanding cultural differences is critical to success.

Girl designing and sketching

Commitment to Quality

With a certified in-house testing lab, rapid prototyping capabilities, and a large-scale quality assurance team, we develop thoughtful, innovative, high-quality products.

People working on design CAD